2. Philosophy & Greeting

Philosophy & Greeting

Basic philosophy: Quality supreme

Management philosophy: To pursue product excellent and personnel human growth

We aim to render ourselves better for the society by manufacturing reliable products.
We aim to provide better products for the customers.
We aim to create a comfortable and safe working environment.
We aim to create a community-oriented corporation.

Keep moving ahead for the bigger dream

Toshihiro Kuroda, President

Since its founding in 1925, KUROTA has enjoyed steady growth through the manufacturing of excellent products that serve society well. Before World War II, KUROTA engaged in the production and sale of mining machinery. Immediately after the war, KUROTA became involved in the automobile industry. Ever since then, our company has progressed in step with developments in the Japanese automobile industry.

Today, KUROTA manufactures pistons for automobile brakes and engine components, all of which ensure vehicle safety, at its three manufacturing bases in Japan and two in Thailand, one our joint venture corporation and the other our wholly-owned subsidiary. Our pistons and engine components are now installed not only in Japanese vehicles but also in ones from European and American companies. In establishing the KUROTA of today, in 1963 the company introduced six-axis automatic lathes made by German manufacturer Pittler, which had never been used in Japan; in 2000 established an integrated manufacturing system for aluminum-made brake pistons; and in 2003 became the world’s first company to successfully develop a manufacturing process for plunger-type master-cylinder pistons made of aluminum. KUROTA has always anticipated the needs of the times and proactively made the needed changes on its own, further seen by its expansion to overseas manufacturing operations in 1996.

We place high value on our corporate culture of treasuring people, and strongly maintain what should not be changed unchanged. With this attitude as our corporate philosophy, we commit ourselves to the KUROTA’s further growth and development, harmoniously coexisting with and contributing to society with expertise, in a concerted effort of all our staff and business partners.