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Brake components

Lightweight, rust-free components realized by Japan’s No. 1 technology

  • Wheel-cylinder pistons
    Piston wheel cylinder
    Wheel-cylinder pistons are components of rear brakes for compact passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. Our pistons are used in nearly 100% of drum brakes in Toyota vehicles.
  • Master-cylinder pistons
    Piston master cylinder
    Piston(s) are used in the master cylinder, which generates hydraulic pressure to activate the brakes. The master cylinder is installed in the engine compartment and located in front of the driver seat.

Engine components

Greater power and lower fuel consumption enabled by high-precision machining

  • Oil-pump shafts
    Shaft oil pump
    The oil-pump shaft rotates in the pump to circulate engine oil. The oil pump shaft is usually installed in the front part of the engine assembly.
  • Components of VVT oil control valve assembly
    Components of VVT oil control valve assembly
    Oil control valve assembly is the hydraulic unit that activates variable valve timing (VVT), a system controlling the opening/closing timings of intake and exhaust valves in close response to the engine speed and load, thereby improving engine power and fuel economy.
  • Oil-pump relief valves
    Oil-pump relief valves
    The oil-pump relief valve rotates in direct response to engine speed. When engine speed is low, the relief valve closes to circulate a minimum amount of oil. When engine speed increases and the discharge pressure of the oil pump rises, the relief valve operates to keep the discharge pressure constant.


Versatile lineup applicable to a wide variety of vehicle models

  • Pistons for clutch-release cylinders
    Piston clutch release cylinder
    When the clutch pedal is depressed in a manual transmission vehicle, the clutch disc is disengaged and the transmission of engine power is disconnected. The clutch-release cylinder and its piston are integral components to achieve this clutch disengagement.